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    Oct 04, 2023  
2019-2020 Augusta University Catalog 
2019-2020 Augusta University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Certificate of Less than One Year in Leadership

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Leadership, one of the university’s core values, is an important skill for students to develop during the undergraduate education regardless of discipline. The Certificate of Leadership at Augusta University exposes students to leadership theory and practice, guides students in leadership development and offers students opportunities to gain significant leadership experiences. After completing this course, students will have developed leadership competencies in Communication, Problem Solving, Leadership Research, Professionalism, and Teamwork.

The Certificate of Leadership is an embedded certificate, meaning that it allows students to earn an additional certification while completing coursework required for the declared undergraduate degree. The Certificate is housed in the Center for Instructional Innovation located in University Hall 235; our staff can be reached at 706-737-1742.

Eligibility and Admissions

Undergraduate students in any program of study may declare the intention to pursue the Certificate of Leadership. Students may seek entry into the Certificate of Leadership by enrolling in the foundational LDRS 2000 course and/or speaking with his/her academic advisor. Interested students should complete the Declaration of Major, Minor, or Certificate Form and submit this form to the Registrar’s Office in Rains Hall.

Although the full certificate requirements may be completed in less than one year, it is ideal that students enroll in LDRS 2000 during the second semester of the freshman year or during the sophomore year.

Program Requirements

Students wishing to earn the Certificate of Leadership will complete at least 9 hours of approved course work along with an approved student leadership experience, or 12 hours of approved coursework, all with a C or better.

Specifically, the program requires 3 credits of Leadership 2000 to be completed as the foundational course in the certificate. Subsequent to LDRS 2000, students must successfully earn 6 credits of combined Bridge courses and/or Leadership Experience, and 3 credits of an approved Capstone Experience. Bridge courses and Capstone experiences may be taken simultaneously. Students are responsible for working with their professors as well as a Certificate of Leadership advisor to ensure that required assignments are contributed to an online leadership portfolio.

Course Types

There are three course types associated with the Certificate of Leadership: the foundational course, bridge courses and capstone courses. Each type is explained below.

The Foundational Course LDRS 2000 - Introduction to Leadership and Professionalism (3 Credit Hours)  is a 3-credit, introductory education to leadership, ethics, and professional behavior. The course will introduce the concepts and relationships among leadership, engagement, and professionalism through readings, experiences, and assignments. This course is a required first course for students pursuing the Certificate and counts also as a free elective for all majors.

Bridge courses are value-added courses which incorporate leadership competencies and utilize experiential learning teaching methods. These courses are offered throughout the curriculum and also may satisfy requirements for the student’s major or minor. These courses foster student leadership and professional development within the particular field by allowing a student to practice and build upon his or her leadership skills and philosophy. Students will have opportunities to engage in public speaking, team management, course organization or assistance and other types of experiences wherein students learn by doing. All Bridge courses can be identified in the Course Schedule through the attribute “EXL” indicating that the course utilizes experiential learning.

Capstone Courses allow the student to engage in a more advanced experience of leadership and should allow the student to “cap off” the full experience with a deeper and more involved learning experience and should entail an oral or written presentation about the experience. Capstone experiences must be a 3 credit EXL senior level course or a 120 hour leadership experience, and be pre-approved by a Certificate of Leadership Advisor. Common capstone experiences include undergraduate research, a pre-approved internship, or a pre-approved leadership role during a Study Away/Abroad course. Other professional experiences may also be accepted after discussion with the Certificate advisor.


Upon graduation students who successfully complete all of the requirements listed above will be awarded the Certificate of Leadership and an honor cord in addition to the baccalaureate degree. The student’s official transcript will carry a Certificate of Leadership designation.

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