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    Jul 17, 2024  
2016-2017 Augusta University Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Augusta University Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Office of Experiential Learning

Certificate of Leadership

Leadership is the #1 skill employers want to see on a candidate’s résumé. They believe leadership development should be part of every student’s educational experience. With that in mind, Augusta University created the Certificate of Leadership to prepare undergraduate students to be leaders in their future professional, educational, and service endeavors by providing leadership curriculum rooted in experiential learning. The Certificate of Leadership will expose students to leadership theory and practice, guide students in their leadership development and offer students opportunities to gain significant leadership experiences.

The Certificate of Leadership is an embedded certificate that allows students to earn the Certificate along with completing coursework toward their undergraduate degree.

The Office of Experiential Learning is housed in Reese Library, Room 109 and can be reached at 706-446-5562 and at

Bridge Courses

Bridge courses differ from traditional undergraduate classes. Bridge courses are value-added courses which incorporate leadership competencies and utilize experiential learning teaching methods. These courses are specifically designed to enhance student learning while offering undergraduate students to engage in new coursework, achieve new learning outcomes, and expose them to new experiential learning opportunities. The courses will foster the student’s leadership and professional development within his or her own chosen field of study.


Students who successfully complete all of the requirements listed below will be awarded the Certificate of Leadership in addition to their baccalaureate degree upon graduation. Students graduating with a Certificate of Leadership will carry the designation on their transcript.

Program Requirements

Students wishing to earn the Certificate of Leadership must complete at least 9 hours of course work along with a student leadership experience, or 12 hours of coursework, all with a C or better. The program will introduce the concepts and relationships among leadership, engagement, and professionalism through readings, experiences, and assignments.

  • LDRS 2000 - Introduction to Leadership and Professionalism  – A three-credit, introductory course on leadership will be a required course for students wishing to pursue the Leadership Certificate. This course is a free elective for any student meeting the prerequisites. The course will introduce the concepts and relationships among leadership, engagement, and professionalism through readings, experiences, and assignments.
  • Two 3000/4000 approved bridge courses (6 Credits) or One 3000/4000 approved bridge course (3 Credits) and 150 hours of an approved leadership experience.
  • Capstone experience (3 credits) to be selected from:
    • Undergraduate research, scholarship or creative activity
    • Internship
    • Study away or approved study abroad
    • Other approved experience

Eligibility and Admissions

Undergraduate students in any program of study, who have met the prerequisite requirements, are eligible to obtain the Certificate. Prerequisites to the program are:

Students may seek entry into the Certificate of Leadership by enrolling in the LDRS 2000 course. It is ideal that students enroll in LDRS 2000 the second semester of their freshman year or in their sophomore year.