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    Oct 04, 2023  
2012-2013 Georgia Regents University Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2013 Georgia Regents University Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

James M. Hull College of Business

The James M. Hull College of Business, fully accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), offers Bachelor of Business Administration degrees in Accounting, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, and Marketing, a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, and the Master of Business Administration degree. The James M. Hull College of Business schedules required and most elective courses to allow students to earn their undergraduate degrees by attending classes during either day or evening hours. The college maintains high quality programs while meeting the educational needs of its current and potential student body.

The mission of the James M. Hull College of Business is to provide a high quality, personalized education to prepare their students for career success. They strive to prepare their students to excel in their fields of study and become leaders in the business world. The faculty contribute to the development of their disciplines and future success through teaching, research, and outreach. The programs are highly desirable as measured by national rankings and they develop graduates that are highly recruited.

The James M. Hull College of Business is advised and supported by an advisory board chaired by Mr. Larry DeMeyers. This group of local business leaders meets quarterly and serves as a bridge between the College and the community. The members of this board are:

Mr. Patrick Blanchard, President and CEO, Georgia-Carolina Bancshares, Inc.
Mr. Thomas M. Blanchard, Blanchard & Calhoun
Mr. Dan Blanton, President and CEO, Georgia Bank & Trust
Mr. Marshall Brown, Stifel Nicolaus and Company
Mr. David Burton, Business Advisor
Mr. Roy F. Chalker, Jr., Chalker Publishing Company
Mrs. Dee Crawford, President and CEO, D & G Management
Mr. Larry DeMeyers, Business Advisor
Mr. Edwin L. Douglass, Jr., President, E.L.D., Inc.
Ms. Linda Hardin, Manager, Augusta Mall
Ms. Helen Hendee, Vice President for Development & Alumni Relations, Georgia Regents University
Mr. Brian Marks, President, Augusta Sportswear
Mr. Sam Nicholson, Attorney
Ms. Rhonda Banks, Director of Alumni Relations, Georgia Regents University
Mr. H. M. Osteen, Jr., Retired Chairman of the Board, Banker’s First
Judge J. Carlisle Overstreet
Mr. Joe Pollock, President, Pollock Office Machine Company
Mr. Ed. Presnell, SRP Federal Credit Union
Mr. Paul Simon, Retired President, Morris Communications Corporation
Mr. Preston Sizemore, President and CEO, Sizemore, Inc.
Mr. William Thompson, President, Queensborough National Bank & Trust
Mr. Philip Wahl II, President, Savannah River Banking
Mr. Ray Walters, Treasurer, Koger-Walters Oil Co.

Members of the faculty of the James M. Hull College of Business are as follows:

Dean: Miller, M.D.
Associate Dean: Coleman, B. C.
Assistant Dean: Furman, M.

Professors: Brannen, D.E.; Brauer, J.; Coleman,  B.C.; Grayson, J.M.; Howard, D.P.; Ibrahim, N.A.; Leightner, J.E.; Miller,M.D.; Schultz, T.A.; Ziobrowski, B.J.
Associate Professors: Dowell, M.L.;Fritz, D.A.; Jarman, R.O.; Loda, M.D.; Zhang, L.G.
Assistant Professors: Amos, C.L.; Ezenwoye, O.; Medcalfe, S.K.; Robinson, A.T.; Sexton, J.; York, P.T.
Lecturers: Schmidt, B.
Instructor: Kirk, R.; Martin, R.

Members of the faculty of The Knox School of Accountancy are as follows:

Professors: Jackson, P.Z.; Miller, J.R., Styron, W.J., Director; Knox Distinguished Chair
Assistant Professors: Burns, M.; Park, S.
Lecturers: Blackwood, B.J.

Admission Requirements for Business Majors

To ensure a meaningful educational experience, we require that students are required to complete the majority of their general education requirements prior to enrolling in any upper division business courses. The core curriculum provides general knowledge and skills in language, communication, quantitative techniques and analysis, and scientific techniques as well as historical, social, political, and economic foundations upon which modern business is based. This background allows the student to study the specific business disciplines and to place them in appropriate context.

All aspiring business majors entering Georgia Regents University under the 2006-2007 catalog or after will be designated as Pre-Accounting, Pre-Finance, Pre-Management, Pre-Marketing, or Pre-MIS majors. Upon meeting the prerequisites for admission into the HCoB, students will select one of the following majors: Accounting, Finance, Management, Management Information Systems, or Marketing. The Career and Academic Planning (CAP) Center in the James M. Hull College of Business will provide advising services to pre-business majors as well as to those in the specific business majors.

The prerequisites for entry into the James M. Hull College of Business are as follows: (1) Completion of at least 45 semester hours of courses; and (2) Completion of the following courses with an overall GPA of 2.5 on these six courses: ENGL 1101 , ENGL 1102 , MATH 1111 , ACCT 2101 , ECON 2106  (or ECON 2105 ), and MINF 2201 . Students may retake any of these courses and only the most recent grade in the course will count toward the minimum required GPA. Once the prerequisites have been met, the student will automatically be admitted into the Hull College of Business.

Requirements for Computer Science Majors

Students choosing to enter the James M. Hull College of Business as Computer Science majors will be designated as Pre-Computer Science until the following required pre-requisites are met: (1) Completion of CSCI 1302  with a grade of C or better. CSCI 1302  requires successful completion of CSCI 1301  which requires successful completion of MATH 1113  or MATH 1220 .

Prerequisites and Course Sequencing

In some cases specific courses are listed as prerequisites. If a course is listed specifically as a prerequisite, it must be successfully completed prior to enrolling in the course for which it is a prerequisite. The two courses may not be taken concurrently. A course rotational plan is available in the Career and Academic Planning (CAP) Center so that business and computer science majors may best plan their courses in order to make the most efficient use of their time in the classroom.

It is important that the students’ major courses be taken during both the junior and senior years. Although all major courses are offered regularly, they may not be offered each semester during both day and evening hours. For this reason, it is important to learn which courses are required and to note their scheduling patterns. Failure to take a course when it is offered, withdrawing from, or failing a course will most likely lead to delays in the graduation process.

To help maximize student success, the James M. Hull College of Business requires all students to meet with their advisor prior to registration. Students will receive a Term PIN only after discussing their pending schedules with an advisor in the CAP Center.

Please see the GRU Graduate Catalog for graduate business programs.

No active programs available.