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2019-2020 Augusta University Catalog 
2019-2020 Augusta University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Master of Health Science in Occupational Therapy

Program Overview

Occupational therapy is a dynamic health care profession that promotes engagement in meaningful daily and routine occupations, those activities that give meaning and purpose to our lives. Occupations commonly addressed through occupational therapy include self-care activities, work or school tasks, driving, leisure, home maintenance and community activities. Occupational therapists work with clients, families, groups and populations to promote health and wellness, prevent illness or injury, develop or restore functional and adaptation skills, facilitate social engagement, and create accessible and supportive environments.


Program Coordinator
Dr. Pamalyn Kearney
Office Location: EC-2304
Admissions Information

Please see the Office of Academic Admissions website for specific admissions information and prerequisites:


Progression & Graduation Requirements
  • In addition to demonstrating personal characteristics appropriate for a health professions career, students must satisfy general and specific technical standards for this program.
  • The Department of Occupational Therapy does not accept any grade below a C (70%) in general coursework and Level I Fieldwork coursework. The Department of Occupational Therapy does not accept any grade below a B (80%) in intervention coursework and Level II Fieldwork coursework.
  • Students must complete 89 hours of curriculum coursework, including fieldwork experiences, to graduate from the program. 
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Degree Requirements: 89 Hours

Total Hours for the Degree: 89 Hours