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2009-2010 Georgia Health Sciences University Catalog 
2009-2010 Georgia Health Sciences University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Certificate in Orthodontics

About the Program

The Advanced Education Program in Orthodontics provides a comprehensive course of study in clinical and didactic orthodontics.  In addition, a publishable paper on an approved orthodontic subject must be completed.  Successful completion of the curriculum fulfills all the educational requirements for eligibility for the examination by the American Board of Orthodontics.

Tuition, Stipends, Equipment, and Benefits

Tuition:  There is no tuition associated with the certificate program in orthodontics.  If the resident is enrolled in the Master of Science in Oral Biology degree program, he must pay tuition for courses taken through the School of Graduate Studies. 

Stipends:  The residents in orthodontics share a small amount of stipend funds provided by the Medical College of Georgia Hospital.  The stipend support ranges from zero to $4,000 depending on the year in the program. Augusta, Georgia is a beautiful city with a low cost of living.  This makes it ideal for residency training from a financial standpoint.

Equipment:  All supplies and equipment associated with the clinical program are provided by the institution.

Benefits:  The School of Dentistry provides malpractice insurance coverage for residents while providing patient care at the Medical College of Georgia.  This insurance does not cover any outside dental practice.  Orthodontic residents are entitled to MCG employee holidays and 10 days of vacation/personal leave per year. Orthodontic residents are eligible to participate in the Student Health Care Program at MCG.

The Facilities

The orthodontic residents treat patients in a newly renovated 10-chair clinic housed in the School of Dentistry and devoted exclusively to providing orthodontic patient care.  Immediately adjacent to the clinic are laboratories, a seminar room and shared office space for residents.