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2019-2020 Augusta University Catalog 
2019-2020 Augusta University Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

BIOL 4740 - Molecular Pathogenesis (4 Credit Hours)

This course will be an examination at the molecular level of how bacteria cause disease. Topics include the immune system, sensing and responding to the environment, regulation and function of virulence factors, and antibiotics.Completion of BIOL3500 is strongly recommended.

Lecture Hours: 3 Lab Hours: 2

Grade Mode: Normal, Audit
Prerequisites: (BIOL3200 >= C or BIOL3400 >= C)
Repeat Status: No
Schedule Type: Lecture, Lecture/Supervised Lab/Clinic, Lecture/Unsupervi Lab/Clinic, Seminar - Small Group, Supervised Lab/Clinic, Unsupervised Lab/Clinic, Independent Study, Directed Study (one-to-one), Asynchronous Instruction, Practice Teaching, Internship/Practicum, Thesis, Dissertation
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