Oct 28, 2020  
2015-2016 Augusta University Graduate and Professional Catalog 
2015-2016 Augusta University Graduate and Professional Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

NURS 7983 - DNP Practice Improvement Project

In this course students will develop, implement, and evaluate a practice change project under the guidance of a project committee. Students will work in partnership with their target population, community and health care systems throughout the project process. They will also participate in peer review of projects. Students will discuss alternative projects, problems, and resolutions of issues that they have encountered during the development and implementation of their projects.

Grade Mode: Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory, Audit

Prerequisites: NURS7981

Credit Hours: 2
Lecture Hours: 1 Other Contact Hours: 1

College Restrictions: The Graduate School Major Restrictions: Nursing Program Restrictions: DNP_DNP-Doctor of Nursing Practice Level Restrictions: Graduate Semester Degree Restrictions: Doctor of Nursing Practice

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