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2016-2017 Augusta University Graduate and Professional Catalog 
2016-2017 Augusta University Graduate and Professional Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Cyber Institute

Augusta University Cyber Institute

The Augusta University Cyber Institute aims to become a national leader in cybersecurity education by creating unique academic programs with three core strengths: CyberOps, Health Security, and Data Science. The mission of the Cyber Institute is to enable, support, and champion meaningful innovative inter-disciplinary models of research and education for cyber security with focus on building collaborative partnerships that impact K-12 education, academic, healthcare, government, and business communities.

As of April 2016, Augusta University was designated as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.  Students in any undergraduate academic program can earn a Cyber Defender Certificate or an Advanced Cyber Defender Certificate.  Students can also earn the certificates as a stand-alone.

In addition, a three-course Healthcare Information Security certificate is available at the graduate level.  This certificate is geared towards health care workers with a Bachelor’s degree and MBA, MPA, and Health Informatics graduate students who want to differentiate themselves with a health security focus.  The program is designed as an initial credentialing step to prepare individuals for the rigors of providing privacy, integrity, and availability across today’s modern health care enterprise.

Students who successfully complete certificate requirements will have the certificate notated on their transcript and receive a separate certificate diploma.  For additional information, visit cyber.augusta.edu.  You can also email cyber@augusta.edu with any questions.

The James M. Hull College of Business, in conjunction with the Cyber Institute, will offer a Masters of Science in Security Information Management starting Spring 2017.  See the Hull College of Business tab for additional information about the Masters program.

Faculty/Staff and Contact Information

The Augusta University Cyber Institute is located on the Summerville Campus in University Hall, Room 127.  The main phone number is 706-729-2370.  Students can ask questions about cyber academic requirements and curriculum by contacting Markus Bacha, Academic Program Coordinator, at cyber@augusta.edu.  Faculty can ask questions about cyber faculty development/grant opportunities by contacting Walidah Walker, Program Development Coordinator, at wawalker@augusta.edu.


Director: Ms. Joanne Sexton (Email: jsexton1@augusta.edu)

Assistant Professor: Dr. Mark Harris (Email: marharris1@augusta.edu)

Assistant Professor: Dr. John Krautheim (Email: fkrautheim@augusta.edu)

Assistant Professor: Mr. Ron Martin (Email: rmarti16@augusta.edu)

Instructor: Mr. Lorenza Mosley (Email: lomosley@augusta.edu)

Instructor: Dr. Michael Nowatkowski (Email: mnowatkowski@augusta.edu)

Instructor: Mr. Ryan Wilson (Email: rywilson@augusta.edu)

Healthcare Information Security Certificate


Cyber Institute, University Hall 127

Phone #: 706-729-2372

Email: cyber@augusta.edu

Certificate programs provide interested students a credential for successfully completing a particular set of courses in conjunction with any major. They may be earned in addition to a degree or as a standalone program of study. Certificates are intended to encourage and document focused study of a particular area of interest. Completed cyber certificates appear as part of a student’s transcript to provide a documented credential of this study. Certificates should not be confused with professional certifications awarded by bodies outside the university though certificates can be a good stepping stone to obtaining professional certifications.



Healthcare Information Security Certificate

The Healthcare Information Security Certificate can be completed in two semesters.

A grade of B or better is required in all courses.

Required Courses: 9 hours

Total Hours for the Certificate: 9 Hours